Do you have a thing or two you have vowed never to do again?

I have a list. As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, the list gets longer.

  1. I will never worry if my truth conflicts with your beliefs. My thoughts work for me. Your beliefs are your business. Not mine to judge. I respect that. I hope you will return the courtesy.
  2. I will never engage in a thread on politics. It’s moot. I do have my opinions on the next election, but politics are just one big Ponzi scheme. (Look at social security).  Ibn the words of my interested son, “I don’t like any of the candidates. I’d rather see a monkey running the country.” There are issues important to me, but it’s all lobbying and lies; arguing about them is a lost cause. I’d rather act locally on making a difference.
  3. I will never stand in a one hour line at an amusement park, in the middle of August, sweat running down my back, just to enjoy a three minute ride. No matter how adorable my grandkids are sure to be. Did that. It was miserable for all of us. Prettier at Christmas time anyway.
  4. I will never worry if my kids have clean clothes, something to eat, or what they are doing when they go out. I have taught them how to use the washing machine, dryer, and stove. I will still do laundry and cook, but not out of obligation. Both know what they need and when they need it by. My 17 year olds have been brought up to make good choices, be responsible. If they choose to ignore our advice, they understand the consequences.
  5. I will never chase after anyone again: family or friend or foe. I have learned we cannot force a person to love us. If we try, the duration is sure to be ephemeral. Lasting love is natural and effortless. I want the in a forever kind of way love, that WILL  come to me.
  6. I will never argue with someone who clearly does not plan to even consider my point of view. It exhausts me and gets us nowhere. I plan to agree to disagree. And walk away.
  7. I will never look at devoted single moms the same again. You have my highest respect. If I can be an ear to vent to, or watch your kids while you take a walk alone, let me know.
  8. I will never look at devoted single dads the same way again. My heart goes out to the loss they are feeling. May I show you how to use your oven–bake a chicken?
  9. I will not tolerate mean actions from anyone. I have a voice. I will use it to let you know you’re not cool.
  10. I will never again be afraid to share the trials in my life. Everyone struggles. It is important to understand we are in this together.

Oprah says: when we know better, we do better.