1. I love my dog. He’s a soft, sweet space heater that keeps my feet warm at night.
  2. It’s okay to sleep on the couch when you are single. It is closer to the fireplace and the cushions have my back.
  3. When I want to stop feeling, that is when I need most to be touched.
  4. I hate yoga.
  5. I adore naps.
  6. A house is simply four walls of lumber held up by the determination and strength of a lumberjack, also known as a devoted parent.
  7. My children are resilient, wise and funny. Need I say more?
  8. My friends are faithful, forgiving and fabulous. I dig them all!
  9. No such thing as coincidence. Random? Nope. It all matters.
  10. If I don’t take care of my body, it will wilt and wrinkle and wither away.
  11. I need to eat healthier. More. Period.
  12. A good meal at home, is better than a great meal out.
  13. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks sucked the life out of me. It feels good to feel well. You can get past it.
  14. Don’t wait to ask for help. By then, you’ve said or done something you will regret to someone you care for.
  15. When you are told you are loved, soak it up. Say it back. Mean it.
  16. Serving others is a bigger gift to yourself than to them. Do it often. The panic attacks will go away.
  17. I don’t like being 50. It bugs me. Like, a lot. But I still want to make it to 51.
  18. Pay attention. Pay your bills, pay your dues. Pay it forward. It will all pay off.
  19. Sadness can be addicting. Beware.
  20. When someone invites you, go.
  21. Write. Purge your pain. Remove your heartaches from your body, and place them in your computer. You will feel lighter, healthier. You will gain perspective. You will HEAL.
  22. The support of my readers sustains me. I am indebted to you.
  23. My soul is in charge now. For the first time, I feel at peace.
  24. If I knew you before the scary breakdown, and you still chose to be my friend, I am grateful and humbled. Truly, I love you.
  25. Verbal daggers pierce. Being held heals. Choose wisely.
  26. Often, it just is what it is.
  27. We do what we do until we cannot do it anymore.
  28. Forgive, or you will flounder in a pit of fury.
  29. Caress the ones you love. They will remember that more than brownies.
  30. Breathe. And know the good is coming. Trust the universe. It is run by good intentions, goodwill, and a million good deeds. Ignore the news reports. Use your ears to listen for the giggles of children, the comforting words of your father, and the cashier at the counter who wishes you a good day. Use your mouth to grin widely, offer delightful words of comfort, in return.

I must say, through it all, I have grown. And growth is a valuable asset my friends.

This article was originally post at Feminine Collective.