1. When I was 29 my doctor advised me to wrap things up. I’m still here.
  2. Then they told me carrying twins would be too hard on my kidneys; suggested I abort one or both of my babies. I learned right then I would die for my children.
  3. When I was 18, I spotted a poster in the Humanities building advertising a three week/nine-country trip through Europe. I saved for a year and went.
  4. During the Writer’s Strike in Hollywood, I took a tour of Paramount Studios. We passed Ted Danson’s office. I looked at my boyfriend and declared, “I’m going to work with him some day.” Two years later, I was working on Cheers.
  5. I never did anything of much significance in television, but I do have an Emmy certificate with my name on it.
  6. I consider my friends my family.
  7. When I was a child, my family and I slept on the bus stop benches in downtown Los Angeles. Can’t drive through there today without remembering that scary time in my life.
  8. When I come across a homeless person now, I often ask how I can help.
  9. If you lie to me, I may still speak to you, but I will never trust you again.
  10. When Michael Jackson was a guest on the Arsenio Hall show I was there when he entered the stage door. His nose looked like clay.
  11. I met Bill Murray on that same soundstage. He flirted with me. Think I fell a little bit in love with him that day.
  12. I believe the truly, madly, deeply kinda love only happens once in a lifetime. Hope I’m wrong.